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Pa**hed Receivers

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Hi all
Probably been asked before so I'll apologise beforehand.
Approx how long will a patched receiver work before the patch needs updating.
Don't think I'm techie minded enough to try and patch a receiver myself just yet. (still a bit new to this game)
Also can anyone recommend a suitable patched receiver for a novice??
Looking forward to soaking up some more info.
I've learnt so much from you guys in such a short time.
Keep up thegood work and thanks.



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It is impossible to say how long a patch will last. There are too many variables involved here. Tps changes daily I understand, some weekly some monthly some not at all, some are not compromised. some may just be a key change. The age of the patch will be a clue in general but there are no guarantees in this hobby. I read that the sl35 patch works with the sl65 recently I am sure I did:-reindeer


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the_happy_traveller said:
Also can anyone recommend a suitable patched receiver for a novice?? Ivan
Has to be a Technomate, easy to use, cheap, lots of support, and bloody good.
If you don't intend to use cams or cards have a look at the TM-1000D Super, but for about £30 extra go for the TM-1500CI+ Super with it's magic card reader, and cam slot.