Pace HD reciever/low symbol rate mpeg4



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Hi guys. I am looking at buying the pace DS810XE HD reciever. I am attracted by its low price ( naturally ). I only want it for a specific channel, it's broadcasting in MPEG4, in DVB S, not S2. It has a low symbol rate and I have emailed people on ebay who have no clue, I just wonder if someone could help me who has one of these HD boxes to see if the channel will display in such a box, or any HD box...but preferably pace.

The channel is on eutelsat w2 at 16deg. east
Its 12.642 V
MPEG-4 VPID: 3617 APID : 3633

I am sorry to bother you guys. I also am looking for a reputable dealer to buy such a box from, but not until at least I know if its going to work!
Thanks again


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Yes harmio - in my Humax HDCI2000 at least. Probably in a Pace too, but I can't be certain.