Paddy Field !


Salty Tech Monster Bod
My Satellite Setup
Protek 9750 HD IP, Spiderbox 9000HD. Cryptik Digital H-H Mount with1.2m Oval Dish and a box in the garage consisting of 2 obsolete STBs, various Cards and a couple of cams!
My Location
South East England
A Paddy in a field trying to row a boat! When along drives Pat in the nearby road who notices him, stops and gets out of his car and shouts "HEY MICK ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO GIVE US PADDYS A BAD NAME!"

Mick stops rowing and sticks up his middle finger and shouts out "F**K OFF!"

Pat at the roadside angrily replies "WHY YOU......IF I COULD SWIM, I WOULD SWIM OUT TO YOU AND PUNCH YOUR F****N LIGHTS OUT!"