Panasonic BTT290 Streaming Issue


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Dec 4, 2010
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Sky+HD (DRX890C with 2TB Drive) connected to a boring basic sky dish
BFBS - Not yet connected
AFN - Not yet connected
Sky ITA - Not yet connected
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I have a Panasonic BTT290 media player.

When we stream 1080p HD movies from our NAS it regularly freezes on fast moving scenes. Thinking it could be data throughput, I tested downloaded direct from the NAS to my PC. Over 20MB/s is normal. No way would a HD film require this datarate. SO the issue isnt datarate.

I have tried 2 NAS's a Terrastation II Pro. With 4 x WD Black drives in it, and a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ with 4 WD Red Drives in it.

The NAS's are on Gig LAN and there is no other switches between the NAS's and the BTT290. Media PLayer is connected with Wired LAN also tried wireless, no difference

Anyone offer any suggestions?

File is a 1080p Full HD MKV with DTS sound. File size 15.0GB movie 143 min long. So gives an average bitrate of 1.8MB/s nothing compared to the 20 or so the NAS can put out, even the fast scenes thats causing the uissue souldnt saturate the LAN or NAS