PC Control SKY Digibox?


Sir HC


I currently view sky through a digibox into the rf socket on my hauppage win tv theatre card. (I know there are losses from going digital to analogue and back...But it beats the hell out of my terrestrial signal.)

I use showshifter to view the programs and digiguide to schedule recordings, it works a treat apart from when I record off sky I have to schedule the autoview from the EPG as well as digiguide... it's a pain repeating myself like that.

Does anybody know how to use PC serial connection on the RF2 connection like a magic eye? It needs to send remote control button codes down the rf2 wire to the box. This would be great if possible.

I've heard using a 6mhz oscillator and a serial bit from the serial port on my pc can do this (with a bit of work and a good soldering iron!!) but I'm not sure how to go about it.

The other way would be to hack a magic eye to peices and try and work out how it works, before connecting it upto the serial connection.

Any help appreciated.