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pentacard vr3 help

hi guys

just got hold of a penta vr3 card, got a dynamite progger & also a phoenix/smartmouse progger, used the os progger with dynmaite software that wont prog the card tried winexplorer using the ini file that came with the conax file, with winexplorer using both dynamite progger & phoenix/smartmouse progger (both set to 3.58 phoenix mode) I get

Trying to reset card...

Reset Successful

RX ATR : 3B 24 00 30 42 30 30

The file size is 688

TX Data : C3 77 00 00 56

RX Data :

Script Error on Line 94

Sc.Read: Timeout Reading Data From Card - 1 Bytes Requested, 0 Bytes Read

with dyamite progger/dynamite software I get

ATR Card : 3B 24 00 30 42 30 30
File lenght : 688
Tx : C377000056
Rx : 6E

I the card knackered or is there something I can do to get it progged up