performing dog (rude)

Sir Bronking

Sir Bronking

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a man walks into a bar with his mean looking alsation dog and asks for a pint of bitter.

the barman says "sorry mate you can't bring that dog in here, it will scare the customers off" pointing to the lounge room where the customers are all staring, with some of the women looking a bit frightened.

"but my dog won't bite them and it can do tricks" he replies "if i show you a good one can he stay"

"alright" says the barman "but it better be good"

with that he ask's the dog to sit up and beg

"thats no good" say's barman "any dog..."

"just a minute, that not the trick" and the man ask's the dog to open it's jaws as wide as it can

"rubbish" the barman say's "any dog..."

"just a minute, thats not the trick" he says, as he unzip's his pants and puts his big c*ck into the dogs gaping jaws.

"bloodyhell" says the barman " now thats what i call...."

"just a minute,thats not the trick " the man replies, and picks up a heavy glass ashtray and whacks the dog hard over the head, the dog grimaces, with tears in its eyes, but still manages to keep his jaws open.

the barman claps wildly before starting to pour him a pint.

the man asks if anybody in the lounge would like a go.

one of the women puts her hand up and says

"i will, but go easy on the ashtray"