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Here a C&P from:
Irdeto protects content with over 10 million smart cards.

March 2004: Philips Semiconductors recently awarded a Certificate of
Appreciation to Irdeto Access in recognition of its milestone achievement in
shipping its ten millionth smart card based on Philips' cryptocontroller ICs.
A leading supplier of technology for securing content from concept to
consumer, Irdeto Access specializes in designing, developing, and marketing
end-to-end solutions to manage and protect content from unauthorized
access in the television broadcast, mobile and Internet environments.

Philips Semiconductors has supplied cryptocontroller ICs to Irdeto Access
ever since they entered this market. Rob van Nunen, Logistics Director for
Irdeto Access said, "We aim to provide the best quality and highest security
solutions to our customers, and that's exactly what Philips' ICs deliver."

Irdeto Access' smart cards are powered by the 8-bit WE family of
cryptocontroller ICs, delivering high levels of security and reliability. To
further improve their offering to customers, Irdeto Access will start
migrating to the advanced SmartMX family in the course of 2004. Fully
compatible with the WE family, SmartMX combines exceptionally powerful
coprocessors for PKI and secret key encryption with Philips' high-security,
low-power Philips Handshaking technology.
Development tools for the most common types of Philips microcontrollers can
be obtained:
  • In the UK from a company in Limerick (Ireland)
  • In Germany from Keil
whose exact names and addresses the forum rules forbid me to post here.