Pi MusicBox



  • Headless audio player based on Mopidy (no need for a monitor), streaming music from Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music, Podcasts (with iTunes, gPodder directories), local and networked music files (MP3/OGG/FLAC/AAC), Webradio (with TuneIn, Dirble, AudioAddict, Soma FM directories), Subsonic.
  • Remote control it using a nice webinterface or using an MPD-client (like MPDroid for Android).
  • Also includes Spotify Connect, AirTunes/AirPlay and DLNA/OpenHome streaming from your phone, tablet (iOS and Android) or PC using software like BubbleUPnP.
  • USB Audio support, for all kinds of USB soundcards, speakers, headphones. The sound from the Pi itself is not that good...
  • Wifi support (WPA, for Raspbian supported wifi-adapters)
  • No need for tinkering, no need to use the Linux commandline
  • Play music files from the SD Card, USB, Network.
  • Last.FM scrobbling
Its really very easy to use, I download the img file, flashed the card, and the config is done via a web interface.

The biggest issue I had was with my samba mount on my freenas.

Simply put the 2 versions of samba wasn’t talking the same language, the fix was really easy once I found out about it.


A few photos of the navigation menu and settings pages.

80FA0458-951D-471C-9077-A9CB5E94BB97.png 2C044C4C-B544-4D9C-90BB-D6F205FAAF71.png 6F4394E7-5A19-42B5-8FEA-12819FEF87D8.png

Still testing this img at the moment, if it keeps up like this I will be ditching rune audio in favour of this.

Take a look for yourself Pi MusicBox - A Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music player for the Raspberry Pi, with remote control


After a bit of fiddling around with the settings I have now signed up to dirble, this gives me loads of netradio stations, including my favourite


The stream watchdog is a nice function, if the stream drops for whatever reason the watchdog starts it again.

Browsing the internet stations is a tad slow, but more than usable, it does take a bit of time between hitting the stream you wish to play and it actually playing it. Roughly 30 seconds or so.

Spotify is no longer dropping out when I load the app on my phone to change the track now playing.

So far I would rate this player a solid 9/10.