Pic Bin Editor 1.44



I am trying to use the above for entering the codes onto my card but am struggling a little.

How do i know what provider is which?


>How do i know what provider is which?

Assuming that you are using SECA:

1-Go to the Provider tab
2-In the Ident field, enter the provider ID e.g.: 00 04
3-Save or Save As the file
4-Open the file you saved above (even though you did not close it)
5-Go to the Provider tab
6-Notice that in the provider list box on the right, you should now have 0004- CSN France (x) - where x is the provider entry order number (not to be mistaken with provider ID )

PicBin will recognise the providers. They are actually located in a file called PICBINED.INI located in the same folder as the executable.

So if you have the provider without ID or ID without provider you can look them it in this file.

Also, key listings on the net always have both the provider name and the provider ID.