Picture breakup



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Hi all

I am on my second sky+ (pace) box, and I am getting some pic break up. My original unit did the same thing. Looking at the signal strengh input 2 is fluctuating a bit from almost 90% down to 85%. Input 1 is solid and at around 90%. NOW I am using the new unit at a different address on a 70cm dish.
Are all sky+ units utter rubbish? it odd that I am getting the same symptoms on a new unit on a different dish! and shorter cable run.

Any ideas?


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Hi digiguy , i would say that even at 2 adresses the dish can be slightly off , i suggest you change the lnb if u have a couple laying around and check the dish with a finderkit for best signal . See in your local paper for a no fix no fee engineer maybe they can sort it but make sure you agree with the fix fee before hand and any call out charges as one can spend a couple of hours checking for everything and it's time lost . Other than that you are not lucky with your digiboxes as i had a couple and no problems .Good luck