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Hi all.
I've had my Manhattan digital receiver for a couple of years now and have been very happy with the picture. Sharp, crystal clear and no digital artefacts or pixellation whatsoever.
Up until now I've just been watching free-to-air channels but recently I purchased a Viaccess CI module with SCT card.
It all works fine, the picture decrypts, but I've noticed some quite severe pixellation appear now and again. I don't have access to any other viaccess channels so I don't know whether it's a problem with SCT or the viaccess cam itself, or something else. Is the picture quality of an encrypted channel generally worse than that of a free-to-air one?
One of my receivers menus gives a real-time readout of channel info, such as signal quality and strength, bits per second rate etc.
I noticed that SCT has a low bits per second reading compared to the other Hotbird channels. The SCT bits per second is 2 400 000 while channels such as RTL 2 and Vox have bps readings of 15 000 000. Could this be the reason for the pixellation? Btw, the signal strength and quality readings are near enough the same for all channels; signal strength = 69%, signal quality = 99-100%.
Would a receiver software update help? What actually causes the pixellation?
Any help at all would be much appreciated.

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I use a manhattan 2500apci. The picture was fine on it when using a seca cam but when I added a Viacess cam I to got the same problem, picture breaking up. Although the signal quality is no worse. My view is that the Manhattan has a little software bug with this cam.

Now i've read your message I am going to contact Eurosat to see what they say about it.


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sounds to me like a bug too.
The Echostar viaccess models (embedded CAMs) have the same kind of problems on certain channels, due I believe to bugs. Their earlier releases of firmware were awful in that regard, but the problems are now largely solved save for a few remaining channels on Sirius.