Picture Quality through a Quattro Scart Switch



In my system one Sky digibox is connected directly to my Panasonic wide-screen television and a second digibox is connected to the tv via a Quattro SCART switch.

The digibox connected via the switch has a slightly worse picture quality (redder colour balance) than the one that is connected directly. I have verified that the problem is not in the digibox by reversing them.

My question is whether the poorer video quality is likely to be due to the switch itself or could it lie in the extra length of cable (x2 = 6m through the switch)? i.e. Would it be worth buying 2 very expensive high quality Scart cables to try and cure it, or is likely to be the nature of the Quattro switch?

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I'm using a similar setup, but with a Digibox, digital receiver and DVD player, there will always be a slight degradation when going through a switch. Some of them aren't too happy with RGB passthrough and this may be the problem with yours. I can't see that two expensive leads will make that much difference, but may be worth trying a few different combinations, or possibly trying a different switch.