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Humaz 5400z Loader 2.08
Triax Dish 88cm,2 Lnb 0.3db 13°E-19°E, Triax Dish 66cm 30°W, Infinity USB Phoenix, Cas2 AMD Athlon 3000+ 64
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It's a beautiful day and love is in the air. Marie leans over to Pierre the fighter pilot and says, ''Pierre, kiss me!!'' Our hero grabs a bottle of merlot and splashes it on Marie's lips.
''What are you doing, Pierre?'' says the startled Marie.
''I am Pierre the fighter pilot! When I have red meat, I have red wine!'' She smiles and they start kissing.
When things began to heat up a little, Marie says, ''Pierre, kiss me lower.'' Our hero tears her blouse open, grabs a bottle of chardonnay and starts pouring it all over her breasts.
''Pierre! what are you doing?!'' asks the bewildered Marie.
''I am Pierre the fighter pilot! When I have white meat, I have white wine!'' They resume their passionate interlude and things really steam up. Marie leans close to his ear and whispers, ''Pierre, kiss me lower!''
Our hero rips off her underwear, grabs a bottle of cognac and pours it in her lap. He then strikes a match and lights it on fire. Marie shrieks and dives into the river.
Standing waist deep, Marie throws her arms up and screams furiously, ''Pierre, what in the hell do you think you're doing?''
Our hero stands up defiantly and says, ''I am Pierre the fighter pilot! If I go down, I go down in flames!!''


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My Satellite Setup
Triple Dragon, Dreambox 8000, Echostar AD3000ip, TBS6522,6925,6983 PCie cards.
Gibertini 1.25m motorised dish driven by the AD3000, with either Inverto BU Quad or Norsat / XMW Ka LNBs . SMW 1.05m + 3 other dishes. Speccy: Promax HD Ranger+
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