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Hi, my pin stopped working just after the "new" cards came out. So like for years now really. Dont know why. Once I got my new card I tried the pin as I used to lock my recordings to stop them from being accidentally erased and all I kept getting was the message saying I was entering the wrong pin.
Now, I changed my pin immediately after getting my first card as just about everybody knows its the last four digits on the card and being as the card is permanently in the box its not that hard to find the code out.
I was under the impression that the code was saved on the card, so as soon as I received my new card with the information that the pin was the same as on my old card I asked myself how this was possible as I had of course changed it.
After the code was not accepted I thought, well maybe its the same code as my old original code so I tried this one as well. This also didnt work :-doh!
At the time i just thought, oh well sod it I just wont use the pin as I didnt really fancy phoning sky (I live in germany) and going through the old telephone connection malarky if this was the only method of resetting or changing my pin.
But now I have started thinking as they are introducing the crappest most annoying function ever (all premiere customers, if any out there, will know the problem) the parental control for watching recorded programmes outside of watershed times!! how annoying is this? I hate this function!!! everytime I want to watch something I have to enter my pin. You may ask why this is so annoying? as one only has to enter it once and one doesnt watch that many programmes at once, well you're right, but the next step will be to show programmes before watershed and have them pin protected as to be able to show them before watershed. this makes zapping a nightmare. you change channels and just about every premium channel asks for the pin.
So after all my waffeling now to my actual question. Has anyone ever had to get in touch with sky and have the pin reset or changed? As I am going to have to soon and was just wondering how they do it.