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pixx adt3500 and tv sport Romania

Can anyone help ?

I have a Pixx adt3500. I have upgraded its firmware so I can use my MR. The only problem I seem to be having is receiving TV Sport Romania.

When I search the transponder it finds it,but it needs the pids changing.
You can only change the pids before you search. when I try this it finds it again with the wrong pids but also finds a user channel which has the pids but only audio (which i think this is it)

I have tried different pids, 1907,1911,1907(pcr) and aslo other pcrs such as 1908, 1460 and 1111. But I still can not clear this channel.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Hi Neill,
For the correct PID's try www.kingofsat.net/en
For this channel I only put in the vpid & apid, and leave the pcr at 0.
Try that and see how you get on, best of luck !

PS; VPID 1907, APID 1911, PCR 0. :cool: