Planning to buy a Motorised digital system as follows.....



HUMAX 5400 With New Free Cam Patch. Pre-loaded with Astra and Hotbird
98cm Funky Dish -
0.6 DB Universal LNB - Cryptic Digital Polar Mount

Any views? My requirements are to watch nature channels, hopefully some Mtv, discovery type channels(?), and UK premiership footie (canal +).

As I understand it, the above system should give me this without even needing any gold cards, programmers and all that.

The embedded Irdeto cam in the 5400, what type will that be, the new euro cam? If so, how have they given it the freecam patch? If its the early irdeto I cam then will i not be able to see some of the new stuff on irdeto II encryption?

Im a novice but researching all the time to try and learn more, so go easy please!

I would appreciate any views to see how far wrong i am with all this!


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There is no FreeCAM patch for the Humax 5400. There is an "original" AllCAM patch and there is a new AllCAM patch. The original allowed reception of Betacrypt channels (a variant of Irdeto used by the German Premiere-World and Austrian ATV). The new patch includes additional functions to allow reception of Viaccess and Mediaguard ("seca") when a suitably programmed card is inserted.
In all cases, a card is required.
The firmware referred to as "FreeCAM" (which incorporates an Irdeto emulator and so obviates the need for an Irdeto smartcard) was and still is only available in a form suitable for loading into the original series-1 Irdeto CI CAMs.

The embedded CAM of the Humax - like any embedded CAM - is simply a bit of circuitry and a few chips on the mainboard of the receiver, loaded with some firmware. It is not a distinct module. The "Euro" CAM you mention is a distinct module, insertable into any Common Interface receiver. The Humax 5400 will accept such a CAM in its CI slot.

Also, what is your "digital polar mount"? If it is a mount intended for a motorised system, then be aware that the Humax 5400 does not incorporate any internal positioner. So you would need an external positioner. If on the other hand you are intending only to watch channels on Astra1 & Hotbird, then you are better off with a simple 2-LNB DiSeQC switch (the Humax can control such switches). Then you would need no polar mount... but you would need a second LNB (and bracket for the two LNBs).