please clarify this for me



whats the difference between a 22Khz switch and a diseqc 1.0, dont they both do the same thing, im about to place another lnb on my dish next week and was just thinking ? i have disecq 1.0 / 1.2 in my humax5400 so why do i need an external diseqc ? or maybe the 22Khz has to be manually switched, ive tried reading in mags and forums so this is the final resort up to now to answer this question in my head.

thxz in advance

Burnham Beech

Specialist Contributor
I'm assuming you are adding an LNB to get 13E & 19E from one dish.

The splitter won't work cos the two signals interfere with each other. You need the external disecq switch to feed either LNB A or LNB B into your receiver.

Each LNB has two bands (low & high) and two polarities(vert & hor). The two bands are selected by the 22hz tone and the two polaries are selected by the 13v/17v control. So since you are already using the 22hz switch to control low/high band you can't also use it to switch between two separate LNBs.

I got a two way Diseqc switch for £15 by mail order. If this doesn't answer your query let me know am I will try again.



thats just what i needed to see, thank you, just wasnt clear on it in my head, you have explained it good.

thxz again