please diagnose whats wrong with my box



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Ok so i am running firmware 2731 and i have 4 updates available to me via the box right upto and including whats released today aswell BUT..

when i try to download any of these updates it does so completely and then says upgrading then the screen goes blank and the box display says settings and thats how it stays and nothing else happens at all in the end i am forced to reboot and nothing has been updated.... NOW before you say use a usb I cant it never works for me either because if i put the patch on there and try to download it that way the exact same thing happens again as above.

I am really losing my cool with this box,any clue clever people on what is wrong and how to fix it.
dig deep

dig deep

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Sorry for not answering earlier.

Best way to fix it is

Download FW 3051 and copy it to an usb (make sure it is called patch.bin) if not rename it to .bin.

Put in the box and do a cold re-start and You should see the upgrade on the screen. I would suggest that You do a format before upgrading. Choose that and all will be fine !