Please help!! Coship 5300B, and MR-Cam

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I have a "Coship 5300B" ,a "Matrix Reloaded Cam",and a old Type Blue "Titanium Card" Os 1.06 that I want to use to watch Dish Network on the 119 & 110 sats. I have my Titanium Card working on my Dish 501 PVR using the "Titanium Nagra Emulator 18-03-2004" file from BestLoard's

web site (emulator4all) ,but I can not get it to work at all with my Coship 5300b and my Matrix Reloaded cam. I have tryed it with the Mr1.04 ,Mr105 ,Mr1060 ,and Mr1081 FW files on the Matrix Reloaded cam and can't get it to clear any channels at all. I don't know if I need to be using a different file on my Titanium Card or if I am not setting the Matrix Reloaded Cam up right or what the deal is. I do know I need some help from someone that knows!! Please!! could someone tell me how you set the Matrix Reloaded up to work with a card in it ,and how you get the BoxKey ,and Reciver ID to put on the card? (That part I am almost for sure I am doing wrong! I can't find any info. on the Reciver ID at all)

I also need to know for sure what files I should be using on the "Matrix Reloaded Cam" ,and the"Titanium Card" Please?

I have read the guids ,and ether thay don't give this info. or I just can't understand what thay are saying. If you guys will please help me out on this you have my word it will not fall upon deff ears. I will use the knowlege to help others ,and if I ever get a chance to repay you for your help you have my word that I will do anything I can to help you out.

Thanks for your time ,and help!!

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There is a new file at the emulator4all called tbn nagra,try this file.
If this does not work, please post back.

Sorry they changed the name.

Titanium Nagra Emulator for Clone & MP 25-05-2004