please help i am really confused


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Xsat dtva with an official canal sat card and monoblock.
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Hi i havent been on the webiste for some time but can't seem to find an answer to my problem.
my machine is a flashed one where i enter the codes manually. i lost all the tps fils channels and others when tps change their system this year ok, no big deal.
but yesterday when trying to find new channels i manged to get all the channels on astra 12206/12640/11934 but only the channels which needs media&tpscrypt&v2. so what I don't understand is why i don't get TPS filsm channels on horbird who uses Media&tpscrypt and V2? if it works on one frequency why doesnt it work on another one? all my codes are up to date.

I know i need to flash my machine if i want to get the channels on thalescrypt.