Please help this newbie!!!



hello guys,
I'm quite good with traditional sat system (cam patch, mosc, Ci)
but i don't know anything about pc dvb sat HW.
I was not able to find a FAQ on this particular item so please, if somebody knows where to find it, just says it.
I'm thinking to buy a pc -sat card (i like the idea of recording directly on the pc and then burning my DVD) and i need your suggestion on it.
here is my questions:
1)Do I need a PC SAT CARD with CI Interface to be able to watch scrambled Sat station ?
2)Do I need a PC SAT CARD with CI Inteface and use my Aston 1.05 and my regular subscrived smartcard to watch the related channels ? (the question may seems strange, but I heard that it is possible to use a smartmouse to communicate with the smartcard and the cam is emulated via sw, so every thing will work with a standard PCI PC SAT HW even w/o the CI interface
3) If the answare to the above questions are 'no' (which I suspect) then which PC sat HW you suggest ?
4) Since I own a desktop PC and a Laptop (2,4 GHz Pentium IV)
I 'd like to buy a USB card more than a PCI, do you think that a USB pc sat HW will give the same performance of a PCI card, as far as concerning cam emulation, smatcard-smartmouse communications, etc..?

After all what brand and model I need to buy and what brand and model I must NOT buy?

Thankyou and sorry for the long message!


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question 1:
Do I need a PC SAT CARD with CI Interface to be able to watch scrambled Sat station ?

answer= NO. A CI interface is not necessary to view many scrambled channels as this can be done with software emulation using dvb software such as progdvb or dvb dream etc but the card has to be a dvb card such as skystar 2 for example (do a search on this site for more info on this) I have a skystar 2 which functions fine without ci slots but my pentamedia sat card is not capable of opening up encrypted channels unless i use a card as it does have CI slot capabilities but not emulation capabilities.

question 2: im not sure but i think this can also be possible without CI and with original mosc card, worth confirming this with other members as im only 90 percent sure this is the case.

question 3: i think this depends on several factors but my pentamedia card has onboard processor capabilities so it does not put the pressure on the computer cpu so much as say the skystar 2 which is using a pci slot i think.
I would have thought that with a pentium 4 you would not have too many problems anyway with cpu usage but ram is definately the cheap mans upgrade and very good performance gains can be had by adding more ram.

Sorry if im not 100 percent clear on everything but its just my opinion :)