please help with Humax 5400!!!!!!



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hello everyone, ive got a problem with a humax 5400 and need help. well, the first time i turned it on to see whats wrong with it hummy didnt switch on at all. so the first thing i did(what i always do in this case)changed all the capacitors in power supply and normally it would work. but this humax has another problem and i think one or both flash memories are damaged. the reason i say so is because i tried this hummy with a few different working power supplies and the same thing every time-a green dot flashing on the front display for a split of a second and nothing else and dies out, not even three dots flashing(in case somebody had tried to patch it with killer patch or wrong bootloader, u know the usual hummy problem), no boot loader, nothing, humax dead and nothing on the display. so i tried to use z board in case it could help but it does no difference even with zboard. so considering power supply works and humax doesnt EVEN TRY to boot with a zoboard, what else could it be apart from damaged or corrupted flash memories????? please help somebody. thanx in advance

Humax is OAK2 with LMK3 tuner
1. TE28F800C3BA90
2. TE28F160C3BA90