please help



hi all i am struggling to fit a system i purchased ,humax5400z flunke98 cm dish and crypto jack
i wouldnt describe myself as stupid but this is making me look it
i havnt been able to get anything on it
i am located in belfast so i am assuming my bearing is 54n 6 w
i have set the motor bracket elevation to 36
as far as finding true south i have just used a compass and moved it about 8 degrees doing it this way i can get nothing
i have sinced uploaded settings to my reciever and am tuning to bbc world on thor at 1 degree west and am using the status bar on the reciever to check for a stronger signal but i never get over 50 % in signal level and never get over 0% in signal quality
another thing i am unsure about is the bracket that attaches to the dish it has i positing for the lower clamp (in the slider dial)
and 3 for the upper i am unsure which one it should be in
ant help would be welcomed