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hi, im new to this forum and not even sure if im posting in the right place! is there any way of watching sky on my PC? iv seen alot of adverts on ebay for links to sites where audio/video is streamed??

also, i have a sony freeview set without a card slot - is there any way ill be able to recieve any extra channels on that?



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Most ebay sales are for a list of links that you can find yourself for free.

Do a search on Google news groups should find them. You don't need a TV card or anything for your PC just a fast connection. My experience is that the links don't work or are very, very bad quality, tiny pictures. Maybe other will let you know their experience.

Don't confuse this with the high quality signal that Sky transmit or think you will get all channels. Sky is totally secure and only works with their Box and Card combinations.

Plug in your Sony Freeview box to your normal aerial and you should get all the free channels without a card - the only card available for Freeview is Top Up TV. You can check if your box will work with the card here...