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Please can anyone help me, I recently purchased an Elvis programmer and created my first Goldcard using Kevlar 1.66. This worked perfectly for a couple of days then I started to get ECM`D. I have a nokia box and for some reason I reset the box to factory settings. From then on I no longer receive PPV or eurosport. I have reprogramed the card but it makes no difference. any help appreciated.

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There is a version of kev 1.66 with the wrong march codes in,i think you will have to get march codes and put them in with your remote,
other than that try a diff kev 1.66 still no change new goldcard and if that fails Hit the F*CKER with a hammer and take up Knitting.


I dont think your problem lies with your card but you can easilly check this by finding another set of files and programme your card with these, i think the problem lies with your box settings, go to settings and then getting started and add channels, try adding channels to see if the channels come back, if not do a full download of all the channels, this should do the trick, also download a secanix editor so that you can create or update your eeprom hex, that way you'll know youve got the right hex file.


I have tried different cards and hexfiles but still no ppv, it appears that when I reset my receiver the ppv has gone back to its original format of about a year ago,( one blue box at the top of the screen ) thanks for the help anyway.