please help

hi just joined hello to every body:)

need some help, have sky tv at home, getting this error on all channells
"no signal being recieved"
went into the services menu to check the signal leval, it is o.
turned the box ofF, checked all the connections, nothing still no signal,

got alittle siganl for a few moments then went again,
then itried a ajusting the sat dish,thought it went out of alighnment, adjusted the reciever just a little,
)(-red 'O'-red
know i have no signal what so ever,
phoned sky they said they r going to charge for sending some one out

please help, is there any meter i could purchase to solve this signal problem
or is there any other way.
thank u


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Adjusting the dish yourself is fairly straight forward. It can be done with a digibox but it would be far easier if you could see the TV screen while adjusting the dish. moving a handhled or even small portable TV outside so you can see that and adjust the dish at the same time would probably be worthwhile. Either that or get someone else to watch the TV inside and shout to you (or use walkie talkies)

There are several guides for aligning a dish yourself, the one below is for caravans but the same principles apply and it is written to find Sky on a digibox so should be just right for you. When you say ‘adjusted the receiver just a little’ do you mean adjusted a setting on the digibox or adjusted the LNB on the dish (the part on the end of the arm that the wire connects to)?

Also if you call Sky back and say you can’t afford to pay the call out charge so you will have to think about cancelling your subscription they normally reduce the price of the call out. If you are persistent enough and sound like you really mean to cancel you might be able to talk yourself into getting a free call out.

Welcome to the foum also.
thank you very much for your reply

yes you are right, i think it was the LNB which i adjusted, (the small one at the end of the arm)
there was 5 positions from 1 to 5 which i adjusted, and i cant rembember what it was originally set on


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What would also help Mach7, would be what receiver you are using, whether it showed these symptoms suddenly and have you got a chance to try a known working receiver on your dish?

All faults like this cannot always be blamed on the dish or LNB and you could spend fruitless hours trying to improve alignment, when in fact it could be the receiver.

Adjusting the skew of the LNB will not make the difference between no and good signal, it will only change the quality.