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My Satellite Setup
Tm3500usb, TM5400usb super, cas3, m2+,Diablo wireless 2.3rev,
Stab usualsHH90 driving arcon multi 57cm dish with dual feed ,Skystar2 HDCI, Altdvb, My theatre,vplug, windows xp,
Arcon sweety 43cm for astra1 perched behind window
Multimo 40cm for ho
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Slough, Berkshire
BEEN trying to tune into the arsenal game which i know is showing right now on premeire sportsportal, it suggests channel 10 of the sports portal but how do i get there using my skystart2 usb with no remote control. how do i enter into the games from the portal, ive tried numerous amounts of diffrernt scans but i still cant get anything, plese someone help me, there must be someone out there at this moment watching premiership on premier with a sky star 2, there must be someone. i have everything decrypted but can get into the portal, the only thing i seem to get is live bundasleuge curtosy of premiere austria. this is really fustrating me. it must be half time now, i know there are another two matches on later in the day, please someone help