Plz Help: Which Files I Should Use.. (Magic Model)

Hi all,

I'm having (Toplin) receiver Model: (TDR-3200 CI)

& I'm using Magic Module with it;

& I'm using FUN card 4th generation..

& I have the machine which I connect it with my PC,

to update the card..

In general I'm using (Fun6in1mach1) Files..

Before around one year, this card was opening all

The MTV channels & the all the multivision channels

& the animal planet & the Discovery Channel which on

the Hotbird satellite… But Now, non of those channel


So please help me, by informing mw which files

I should use with my magic model…

& if you can inform me which Adult Channels I can see

by using this card On the Hotbird satellite, I will be thanks.

Waiting for your replies..

Thank you.



Believe it when I see it Admin.
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Have a look at a couple of the other threads in this section (have moved this from the adult section). They will answer your question.


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With a mixture of Fun/Gold Via1 ...OR Seca1 for FUN or Gold/Silver This is still open.

Astra 11897V 27500 3/4 MCM
Astra 11890V 27500 3/4 MCM
Astra 11838H 27500 3/4 Arte
Astra 12612V 22000 5/6 TV 5 Europe
Astra 11897V 27500 3/4 Gourmet
Astra 11890V 27500 3/4 C Cinema Auteur
Astra 12400V 27500 3/4 National Geographic
Astra 12400V 27500 3/4 C Cinema Classic
Astra 12400V 27500 3/4 C Cinema Famiz
Astra 11816V 27500 3/4 Paris Premier
Astra 11855V 27500 3/4 Canal +
Astra 11897V 27500 3/4 KTO
Astra 11897V 27500 3/4 Match TV
Astra 11933V 27500 3/4 Filles TV
Astra 11933V 27500 3/4 Tiji
Astra 12209V 27500 3/4 TV Breizh
Astra 12209V 27500 3/4 Planete Thallassa
Astra 12209V 27500 3/4 LCP
Astra 12284V 27500 3/4 Zik...XXL after 11
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 Comedie
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 13 EME RVE
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 Jetix
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 L'equip
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 Planete Choc
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 National Geographic
Astra 12404V 27500 3/4 Game One
Astra 12553V 22000 5/6 Chamber
Astra 12579V 22000 5/6 Extreme Sports
Astra 12612V 22000 5/6 Liberty TV
Astra 12639V 22000 5/6 Cine Polar
Astra 12639V 22000 5/6 Disney Channel
Astra 12639V 22000 5/6 Playhouse Disney
Astra 12639V 22000 5/6 Toon Disney
Astra 12639V 22000 5/6 Motors TV

Hotbird 12594V 27500 3/4 Euro Sport
Hotbird 11681H 27500 3/4 Musique Classique
Hotbird 12690H 22500 3/4 Cine Polar/Cine FX
Hotbird 11034V 27500 3/4 Euro News
Hotbird 11034V 27500 3/4 Demain
Hotbird 11034V 27500 3/4 TFJ
Hotbird 11137H 27500 3/4 TV 5
Hotbird 11137H 27500 3/4 TV 5 Europe
Hotbird 11200V 27500 5/6 Sailing Channel
Hotbird 11303H 27500 3/4 TV 8 Mont Blanc
Hotbird 11623V 27500 3/4 Arte
Hotbird 11681H 27500 3/4 Encyclopedia
Hotbird 11681H 27500 3/4 Toute Histoire
Hotbird 12243H 27500 3/4 MCM
Hotbird 12576H 27500 3/4 Telesud
Hotbird 12576H 27500 3/4 Liberty TV

1W on Tit... Loads to watch.


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Nice one Razor.

Wot's everyone moaning about?
Razor said:
With a mixture of Fun/Gold Via1 ...OR S*ca1 for FUN or Gold/Silver This is still open.

xxxxxx <list>

Yes, very good list!, this is more or less what I can see right now ...
I have a Magic with Fun 5 and Phonix hex.

I read in another forum that are starting to be available traces of registered boxes.
Apparently it is not a change in coding but an evolution of TPSCrypt.

Does anyone have more info about what has changed ?

Thank You..

Also, I'm able to open (Zik...XXL after 11) on the Hotbird..

(XXL after 11) on the hotbird, its the only Adult Channel that i'm receiving after the multivi. gone.. So any one from you know another Adult Channels in the Hotbird???? & How can i open (zee) Channel with my magic 6in1 Model???