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plzzz help...

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coship cdvb2000b
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st.louis missouri
greeting everyone:-ohmy,... i had question about how I could add new programs or adult programs or channels on my coship cdvb2000b:confused. i'm not familiar with all of the termanolgy that is being used ,but if someone was nice enough plzz do help.how do i search for different channels?..the channels that are already on my satelite are thai tv, vtv5 , and some iraq and arabian channels...is this all my satelite can recieve??...tankx for you time


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My Satellite Setup
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Unfortunately we don't have too many members of this mainly Europe based forum your side of the pond, the main reason being because you see a different set of satellites.

You need to go onto a site like www.Lyngsat.com and find which satellite/satellites you are seeing for your channels and see what else is on there. Then you can look at adding new channels by scanning, or adding extra transponders.

Is This the satellite you are receiving?