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Political Spam

w hole

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Hello All

I have just received an Email from the leader of one of the major
parties, soliciting my vote tommorow.

It says at the bottom that 'You are subscribed to 'gotv' as: [email protected]'

As far as I know I am not subscibed to 'gotv' and can't find any
organization with this name.

It seems to be a acronym from GetOutTheVote rather than an organization.

Does anyone have any info or advice on this as I am very upset to
think that a major party should be adding to all the spam that is
clogging up the internet, and would like to take some action over it.


Fred F.

PS. I have replied to the party leader telling him that he has now
lost the votes of our household [with permision from SWMBO], which
happens to be in a marginal constituency - but actually we had postal
votes which went in last week so that was being slightly 'economical
with the actualitie'


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Think this started in the USA worrying to think it's another idea that seems to have crossed the channel.

You could tell them to remove your name from their email list and any further email will be treated as harassment.

It will be all over tomorrow...