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Polsat Gone!


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Dreambox 500s,Dreambox 800HD PVR,Max 1000,Vivax 505, Starsat 200CI. Desktop with WinXP, Laptop with Vista & Netbook with Win7. External HD/Media Recorder.Hotbird,Nilesat,Asiasat3S & Intelsat.
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Middle East (Currently!)
Polsat is gone! I was getting it with Starsat 200CI Plus(H/W 7, S/W 2.64.3)until the day before yesterday. A while ago, I checked and it wasn't there! I tried changing the keys as available on the sites 1F etc etc. Somehow, I had trouble changing the keys;everytime I changed them, they reverted back to C5... Could the new patch (TPS) added to the software be the cause of problem in changing the keys? Another question, how come I was getting Polsat with keys C5........, whereas the keys for Nov. were 1F....O-no