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Porty II tuners are interesting...


Bulbs need shelter too...
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No satellite stuff for the moment (aside from a 43cm minidish that was on the house already), Samsung SyncMaster T27B550 Smart TV & Monitor, and a few computers...
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Near Pontop Pike, Co. Durham
I thought I had ruined the tuner in my PortyII by over-tightening an F plug so I took the box apart to see if it was repairable. But when I got to the tuner I found out that it's connected using something like a mini-IDE connector, so I gave it a check and it all looked ok, so reassembled and it's all working again... :D

So, to all you PortyII owners, tuner replacement* is as easy as pie, no soldering is needed at all... :rolleyes:

*if necessary...