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Good afternoon gentlemen from a sunny Mullion Cove Cornwall.

I wonder if any of you have similar troubles with the Technomate receiver.

I use a Technomate TM-5402HD C1+ Super + with a couple of V box's from SSS.

All had been stable for some time until today, I had not used the units for a few weeks.

Today all the 36 satellites had disappeared.

The scale on the dish I use showing East West positions was correct, as when I drove the dish to the correct setting a satellite appeared.

I reset one satellite and did a reset all in the menu and they were all back on except for a bit of tweaking.

I had to drive the dish a fair way to correct it.

Nothing mechanical has moved as the end stops at both East & West are correct, if the jack had moved this would not have been so.

Nor has the motor bracket moved on the pole.

I conclude from this that it was a software problem.

I had saved the setting previously but did not think of trying a re-install at the time.

Would that have worked ?

Un-plugging the power temporally to a V box does not normally cause a problem, I may have pulled the plug to one while removing a router, but not for long.

C band which uses the same receiver but a seperate v box was OK.

It is all now working OK any thoughts welcome : )

God Bless Spiff