Power doubling on Mux A goes ahead



The ITC has today (30 April) confirmed that a power increase programme for Multiplex A is in progress at a number of sites. Power on the multiplex, which is operated by NTL Broadcast for SDN, is being increased by 3 dB, doubling the existing ERP. This follows on from a similar programme of power increases on the other five multiplexes at these sites which received power increases during 2002.

When these changes are complete, the so-called 'core coverage' - that is the homes which can be expected to receive all six multiplexes - will be further enhanced. Following the release of updated coverage data earlier this month, the DTG postcode database already takes account of the power increases now announced.

The Mux A programme is scheduled to be complete by the second half of July.

The anticipated dates below are subject to change due to engineering practicalities.

Mux A +3dB ERP increases implemented / in progress for completion by early May at:

Aberdare Brierley Hill Bristol Kings Weston Bromsgrove
Chesterfield Idle Keighley Kilvey Hill
Lancaster Nottingham Oliver's Mount Pendle Forest
Plympton Pontypool Reigate Rosneath
Saddleworth Salisbury Storeton

Mux A +3dB ERP increases scheduled to be implemented during July at:

Caradon Hill Chatton Emley Moor Huntshaw Cross
Mendip Rowridge Sandy Heath Winter Hill