"POWERMID EXTRA 4in1 Remote codes ?"


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I've just set up a sat / vcr / tv system in the living room.

The Sat ( analogue ) I bought had no remote - so as I wanted to be able change channels in another room for a second TV, I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and get the " brand leader " in "remote"remotes a Marmitek "Powermid Extra 4 in 1" remote and receiver - which boasted being able the change almost anything from anywhere.

The Sat is a Nokia ( 5yr?), Video Samsung ( 4yr ), TV Ferguson ( 4yr) and another TV Philips ( 15yr - very good one...) Nothing special here...

I have tried "inputting" the codes manually from the stock code book supplied for each appliance AND tried a manual "code search" for each pressing "Channel " or "Power" for 200 times. ( none of the codes in the book are over 199 )

I have followed the instructions to the letter - BUT NOTHING HAPPENS with ANY APPLIANCE.

I took the stuff back to the dealer where we tried it on their 8yr Panasonic TV. NOTHING.

They have given me a new one to try which I took home.....and Yes, you've guessed it......

So why will it not work with ANY of these ? I could understand one or two - or some whacky commands - but all of these fairly
ordinary things ?

One thing I have noticed is that in the instructions "you can confirm the code that has been entered by... " doing a code confirmation". Every time I've tried this on both remotes I was sold, when you go to press the 3 digits to confirm ( each in turn.. ) the first digit you try, the LED does NOT come on at all, and with ANY subsequent numbers the light comes on continuously. This happens regardless of the code I'm supposed to have set - on confirmation, whichever number you press FIRST - the LED does not come on.

This makes me wonder if any of the codes I am trying to enter are actually being entered at all - or if I'm doing something else wrong - or by some freak, the remote will not work with five different common AV appliances ??

Any help here please ? I really want this thing to WORK !



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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 08-Feb-02 AT 07:19 PM (GMT)]Should be fairly straightforward, I've done a few and they've always worked fine. Have you tried their website for a trouble shooting guide.


PS. I've removed the identical post in multi receiver/tv systems. Please don't cross post as it gets confusing.

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Sorry about the cross post.

I've since returned the Powermid ( The online help was useless and the support team referred me to the UK distributor who has not replied to my emails.. )

I searched through this forum and found a post by someone who recommended " All in One" systems - Good online info, good support, "cotrolled anything he put in front of it..."

And guess what....

IT WORKED perfectly first time with EVERYTHING ! I can recommend it.

Thanks anyway.

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Glad you like the One For All.

Depending on the model you have, you might be interested in this group:




Don't be put off by the 'hi tech' stuff, it is amazing what you can get you remote to do after spending about £4.00 at Maplins.

Good luck

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