PowerSky (Freex-Tv inside free). What i can do with this receiver?

Hi , im new to all these. I have a PowerSky (Freex-Tv inside free). What i can do with this receiver?
Must i buy a programmer and modules and cards to see more channels(adult and other encrypted)?
And if yes , what programmer and modules and cards? I know nothing....Please help....
What is this module...cards...etc....
I bought a card for Full X1 & 2 for 6 months (going to a slot). I have now 2 free Pcmcia for other modules....
Filip from Athens Greece
check this webpages:
www.zotos.biz (download section) and
www.stamelectronics.com (receivers arion powersky section)

If you were watching free x tv now you can only watch full x 2 and your skycrypt chip is rd2 if you are watching full x 1,2,3 then you have the new version rc2 (That the guy that installed my dish managed to replace with his older version by the way...arg)
You need to upgrade via a null modem cable (go to plaisio and ask and if they dont know say you want to connect to pc's) and arioner prog to the latest boot version 15.1 and firmware version (don't remember know check the webpages i told you) and the activate the emulator. (again follow the instractions from the webpages)
The next stage is to download gasoline. Then go to www.rdi-sat.com to mach1 files and download the fun 6in1 ..... file. Unzip select softcam.key with gasoline and send to receiver.
Now check multvsion, pols@tspor (greek championship) and most of the polish channels including disvvery on hotbird, mtv and anmal pl@net on @str@ 1 and many many more if you speek german polish french and any other language but greek...
Don't expect miracles from your receiver...it is just an sat receiver after all


Dont eat yellow snow
My Satellite Setup
Triax 88, mulitblock
13E, 19E, 28E
DM 800HD
My Location
Glasgow, Scotland

Please help

I have a Powersky - PS8210CISK (with a USB connection)
Serial number - SPR 04007 8U0506
Boot version - 15.1 (It originally came with boot version 11.1 but I upgraded it to 15.1)

I tried to download the latest Polsat update
file S821CISKV_$SPR_A4452_20040813_AUCPCn.auc

Now the box wont work at all and is flashing CPER

Grateful if anyone knows how to get out of this situation ?