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Please can you tell me if this has being hacked, As far as I know the only to pick up channels using PoweerVu is using a Commercial reciever. I f this is true where can one buy one & how much do they cost. Thanks Robert


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 29-Jun-02 AT 07:20 AM (GMT)]Hi Compo, I don't think that you can buy one on the open market, as unlike Sky's digibox, I believe that the powerview receiver never becomes the property of the user, a bit like Cable decoders. That's not to say that you can't get hold of one, but it would probably be difficult outside the US and i don't think that there's much free to view programming on there anyway.


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You may purchase Power VU recievers in the Dubai in the Middle east from several traders.

However has highligted by Rolf they are designed primarly has a cable end reciever, and normally are on 19 ' rack mounts.

There has been however recently from the USA and for sale in other world markets several standard box versions - GE are one of the Manufactures for schools and Army uses etc.

All of the Powervu recievers are pretty expensive the old rack mount versions are normally between $700 and $3000 you can occasionaly find them at Radio amateur fairs etc for around 300 GBP but their use is of little advantage at this time.

There are groups that claims to be working on "it" but they have stated the same for the last two years so dont hold your hopes up to high

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