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PPV - Adult Codes ?



I have just reprogramed my old OND* card using MKFV4.3 and the March Hex Codes. Nearly all channels worked apart from the following :-
ITV Select inc Adult - ITV Sport - Film 4 inc E4 - Adult inc TVX and ITV Sport +. Do I need more codes for these channels or are they exemp from reprograming or have I just basicly reprogramed wrong ? Any help would be great , and if any one does have these extra codes (If they exist), please could they post them (or e-mail me) or post a link on where to find them. Thanks


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Please don't ask people to post codes or files NiteFly, if you read the rules you will notice that this is not allowed on the forum. For information on links to sites where they may be availble have a look in the Keys forum and further down this forum. Try this link for auto responders http://www.satellites.co.uk/scripts/webforum/DCForumID24/454.html



Wouldn't have thought you need any more so as you have a valid PPUA, MKo1, and OC,OD,OE opperational codes. What PMB are you using? this could be why your not getting all channels if its not the right one to give you the channels mentioned. You wont get any ppv channels on a MOSC unless you fill it with event codes which is not recomended as the latest ecms target these.