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hi mickha

i should say i admire yo work, i only wish i could with time be as proffesional as you, and as helpful as ever.

I however have 2 problems i would like to help me with. Firstly when i write my cam, it does unlock some channel like premiere etc. However the problem is that all the unlockede channels freeze all the time. All the chanels that r unlcked tend to do this. If however i tune to a free to air i dont seem to have the same problem. I am using a fortec ultimate pvr reciever, t-rex supermodule 4.6, programmed using a cas 3 plus. I have tried both programmes predator and predasaur 217. have done the security updates. How do i overcome the freezing problems.

Secondly, could u please pm the link for the new predasur 218. Where can i watch the premierhip games that come out at the weekend especially the 3 oclock kickoffs.

thanx. Keep up the good work


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Currently the best channels for EPL games is Premiere, as they even have English commentary.
There is a bug in Predasaur 218, in regards to the security update, a lot of people are getting an "unable to erase" error message, but if your cam is opening the Bundesliga football channel, on Premiere Sports, then it has worked.
If it doesn't work you need to load Predasaur 107, available from, this should load to 97%, then you can try Predasaur 218 and try the security update again.
The freezing problem can be a number of things.
1. Your Cam might be loaded with a file that has more then 16 CAID's, which can cause problems to some receivers.
2. The Cam might be overheating, ensure that there is plenty of ventilation for both cam and receiver.
3. The Cam might be incompatible with your receiver, check if there is a firmware update available for your receiver.
I have uploaded a copy of Predasaur 218, on sendspace. for you to try:
Try our links section, on the forum, for sites where you can download files.