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Hi all,
I have showtime peers and all there cards take ages to come through.
Have just read on another site about giving priority in config at the top to fastest ping time down put in order.
Will this also work if i put in config the cards i use first at the top or is this of no relevence.
I have the relevant f line to cline would it make any difference to put all f lines together and same with c lines or does this not matter either.
Just trying to restrict freezing and channels clearing quicker.
Thanks in advance.


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basically without going into too much detail, i believe later versions of emulators work on ping and not list order. I might be wrong but i do know that they used to work on list order in versions below 2.0.5 i think it was.

Anyways, there is a prio file which might be obsolete now, i never used it and it just slows the process down. I don't watch showtime so i cannot comment much but what i would suggest is finding people who have it, if you already have done that then i'm sure if you keep looking you'll find one with decent ecm timings.