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problem in upgrading startrack 2004 super

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recently I decided to upgrade the receiver startrack 2004 super. I downloaded the new software from the site www.starsw.com. (Upgradefor-2004Super+2004CI). I found the suitable file (SkycryptRD2_2841_0406) and the (PS%20LOADER) in this file. I used the rs-232 cable and the necessary guidlines

1) Press “24680” in standby Mode

2) You can see “AIT” on the front panel

in the word document file ( Sky%20Download). Then I clicked on the (PS%20LOADER) and opened the (SkycryptRD2_2841_0406). and send it to ird. The file transferred successfuly and the receiver rebooted automatically. unfortunately when I turned on the receiver there were no any effect and the previously open channels and also the new ones were all closed.

The software version of the receiver was $stka2632s841skv

data version 0011.1

sky version 2841

I want to ask all DEAR guys to help me in this respect