Problem Neosat sx9800i



Dear all,

i have Neosat SX9800i not Neosat sx9800ci
yesterday i am trying to upload key data with satlover upgrade 2.0 and then download this key data file in Neosat SX9800i and now receiver
gose off. disconnect the power cord from main and then back plug in no action. tv screen flicking after few second and then back off and on flicking and off and on flicking and off............
and now i am trying to download new software in it (hare note this i am not sour that it is orrginal software for my Neosat sx9800i) with satlover upgrade 2.0 download start and after some time message display that is (Flash write) after 10 to 20 munites the message is (Flash write error) please help me in this setuation.

waiting your reply
Aleem Baig