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problem programming Fun7


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Hi Mickha,reading trough the posts I came across your reply, it seems one ha to load the Fun7 card differently, I took this piece from the:How to: on the 304 predator files-ALTERNATIVE METHOD
For this method, you need a FUN7 card
Using a suitable program, program the FLASH of the FUN7 card with FUN7LDR.HEX,
and program the EEPROM with predator2XX.bin. Make sure the program you use
handle the large eeprom size of the fun7 card correctly!
END alternative metho.---now,my problem is I cannot get these files to load on Fun 7, do I have to unzipp them? I already had this Cam/Card programmed with
304, but I want upgrade,(dont ask me how,I got help at Xmas loading it,Ime on my own now) so help really required. I dont think I used the method above when programming the 1st time, also on the ;How To; link it says---use DCP tool everytime before you upgrade Dragon, could anyone explain? and do I have to clear the old prog..... of Fun7 before reprog......., and how do I go about same,a lot of questions, appreciate any help


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Hi paperman,
sorry I saw your other post first and so replied in this thread:
Best wishes