Problem Updating Embedded Mr On Manhattan Starlight Mx

I do'nt know what am i doing wrong. programmed 2 fun6 with files .hex on dynamite using its software(cas interface studio 5.1) and inserted card on mr(want to upgrade from mr1052 to mr 1170 cause i think i will open tv cabo without card). starts saying opening card then smart card download but after 1 or 2 minutes displays the message "card extracted or not responding, extract the card".Don't have a clue about what's going on. i made sure i erased the cards b4 programming them. i need help please as i'm getting really fed up after trying several times.
thank you in advance.
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Dreambox 7000s+300GB,
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Don`t worry. starlight Mx works like this. The reciver doesn`t take software on fan 6. i made a solution like this. i split *.UPD file for six files like for fan 4. After this i burn files for fan 4 on my fun 6 card. and i patch matrix with this cards if there is any problem i turn off reciver for some time and try later from point when i was. sometimes it takes couple times usualy on loading card 4 is an error.
Olso re-burning card witch hangs CAm helps in some cases. Sorry for my language.