Problem with echosat x30

My Satellite Setup
Technosat X-30 STB, Conax Cam.
Motorized 180 cm dish system.
Computer:3000 PIV mhz , 256 DDRam.
My Location
(sorry for bad english)
i have echosat x30 stb..
when i buy it... i see in the menu a special page for cas keys and providers...
but another day when i'm searching the channels.. my receiver was stop because the electricity is off...
i try to turn it on... it turned normally but i can't see cas keys page...and when i update the soft cam keys..nothing happens to scrambled channels.example: bbc prime on 13e is scrambled after i update keys...
plz i want to know what is this problem.. and if the embedded cam was broken or what...and thx