Problem with Matrix Reloaded Cam

Hi All

I have a problem with my MR

When I try to install the Matrix Reloaded Cam on HP Compaq Notebook nx9030 under Windows XP w/SP2, It detects it only as a PCMCIA MTD-0002, I have updated the Bios to the latest version, but nothing changed, I found the following advise on another site that solved the problem to another person not for me , the message is :"This problem was found on some Compaq laptops using the Phoenix BIOS, which creates a hardware conflict problem. To resolve this issue, disable the Sound Blaster setting in the Phoenix BIOS, but do not disable Onboard PCI Audio"

I tried that advise but I can not find the Sound Blaster setting in the Phoenix BIOS that would fix the problem, How I can do it ?

Would you Please tell me what can I do to solve this Problem,

Thanks for any advise .


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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You should be able to disable it in the device manager in System in the Control channel.