Problem with Thomson Sky HD Box



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Dreambox 7020, CM 1.2 with invacom quad c120 & channelmaster feedhorn.
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Belfast, Northern Ireland
Came home today and my Sky HD box was in standby but the blue circle was lit. I tried to turn it on but it would not respond. I then switched it off at the mains and left it for ten minutes. Have just powered it up and the blue circle is still lit and won't switch on! )(-red:-Nooo Is it buggered or playing about?!

Anyone with Sky HD experinced this problem??


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this happens with all of skys digiboxs, also got to watch as sky do downloads to the digiboxes as well ( and sometimes they screw up, they just dont let anyone know) u may also want to try a download to the digibox, dont go irrate at the advisors tho as its not them that do the programming of the digiboxes, i know ,i used to be 1, sky as a company dont care about customers or their staff, hence why i aint there anymore

basically turn off at mains,
hold the back up button on the digibox ( not the remote)
turn the power back on at mains keeping the back up button help in untill you have all the lights on the digibox showing

when all lights are showing release the backup button

this process takes about 10 min ,