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Aug 1, 2003
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I'm having problems... and have been running a thread on a French Living
Forum which I am pasting here ( hope that is OK.. ) in order to try and solve my problem ... Please help if you can. Many thanks :

"Help Please ! I'm stuck....."
I've got a Nokia IRD 1800s analogue receiver which I bought s/h ( no manual ) and was all tuned up for Astra viewing. All fine for the German channels and no problems.

I've now bought a second dish (60cm - I'm in London ) and want to set up for the French channels on 5W.

What I've done is connect the second dish to LNB 2 at the back of the receiver ( which feeds out via a SCART into the VCR )

I've then gone into "channel setup" and selected a spare channel ( 9 for example ) and have entered the following settings :

Prog no 9
Name F2
LNB select 2 9.750 ( It was previously on 1 9.750)
Pol switch V
Freq 127 12.564
Fine Tune < >
Audio 5.80 J17 9
Mag Pol 054
Video level High
Decoder No
Antenna input 1
0-12v OV
Sat TCOM-2B 5w

All of these settings were the same as for the initial Astra programming apart from changing Prog name, LNB 2 select, Freq 127 12.564, Audio J17 & Sat TCOM 2B 5w.

I now turn on the TV, select channel 9 on the receiver and start to wave the new dish around looking for a signal (not far west of my Astra dish + just about anywhere else too ! )

All I get is SNOW - not even a hint of an image.

I've tried plugging the new dish into LNB 1 and hand holding it to Astra and switching to an already programmed German channel and all is fine there.

Have I missed something ? It feels like I'm not tuning it right... or something in the second LNB input not being recognised ? ( one thing is that I've tried to change in "channel setup" for my German channels with dish 1 - the LNB Select to "2" to try and confuse it - yet it still receives the signal regardless )

Is there something glaringly obvious I'm not doing or do I spen more hours trying ? Possibly something else in the settings ?

Please help as I'm really keen to get this up and running ASAP !

Also - I've got the following freqs for 5w TF1 12.690, F2 12.564, F3 12.732, 5 12.606, ARTE 12.606, TV5 12.585, CANAL + 12.848. All correct here ?

Thanks for ( hopefully ) all your suggestions.


1. "RE: Help Please ! I'm stuck....."

You need to tell the LNB to change bands, a bit like on a radio set. To do this you need to enable the 22 kHz tone generator on the Nokia for the French channels. You probably also need to change the LNB setting from 9.75 MHz to 10.60 MHz. Suspect you need to change to "Antenna Input 2" too. Have a search for anything in the menus that refers to 22 kHz - what it does when turned on is to send an electrical "whistle" up the cable to the LNB to flip it from a local oscillator frequency of 9.75 to one of 10.6 MHz (assuming you have a univeral LNB, which it should be).

If you cannot get the 22 kHz generated by the Nokia itself, then all is not lost because you can buy a little generator for about £20 (Lettrapaks do one) which is inserted in the LNB cable and does it for you. Or ultimately you can buy a "Telecom LNB" which had a L.O. frequency of about 10.7 MHz.

Sorry you're having all this trouble! It's a real problem when the channels aren't pretuned. You could try looking through all the channels on the Nokia because unless they have been deleted chances are that up in the 200's 300's you'll find the French stuff already set up which might make it a lot easier.


3. "RE: Help Please ! I'm stuck....."
Thinking about it further, you can tell whether you have got the 22 kHz switching to work or not, because if you try turning it on while tuned to a German analogue channel the picture and sound should disappear.

I realise that the Canal + freq should in fact be 12.648 GHz although as it's scrambled most of the time it's a minor point


4. "RE: Help Please ! I'm stuck....."
Dear ....

Thanks for all your replies and help with my French Satellite TV problems.

Alas - I'm still having them !

I went into the receiver and as you suggested there were already pre-programed channels for the French stuff in the 200's. They are set to telecom 5W and are set with 22khz to "yes". They are also set to LNB 4 10.750.

I've now tried these with the dish plugged into bot of the LNB inputs - and all I still get is snow. I also tried your suggestion of switching the 22khz on and off while tuned to a German Channel - and as expected - it doesn't work when switched on.

Am I pointing the dish in the right direction - ie a little to the right of the ASTRA ?

The LNB is a Cambridge Universal ( Digital ) G96 LO 9.75 / 10.60 Digital crossfeed.

I'm still not convinced all is well with simply plugging two LNB's into one receiver and hoping the signal gets picked up ?

Changing the "antenna input" to 2 does nothing either.

Might something need to be set up in the "installation" menu ( rather than the "channel set up" ) - there are sub menus for "Dual-band LNB set up" Currently set to < Dual Band LNB input 1 No > Switching to "yes" merely highlights a menu with "control signal 13/18v, LNB Frequency low 9.750 LNB Frequency High 10.750 , Low band High Band 11.700. I've tried switching this with no effect.

Another menu is "LNB setup" which really just lists LNB1 - 4 ( 9.750 1&2 10.750 3&4 ) Also "LNB power in STBY ? set to "no" . Changing this does nothing.

I'm very baffled

Help !


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May 1, 1999
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Sorry, a bit confused by the copied thread, but from what I can see, your receiver does have a 22Khz tone switch, so you should be able to set up LNB 2 to 9.750/10.600 Universal, 22Khz on or auto.

All of the channels on 5W are in high band, if your LNB is set to 9.750, you will get nothing.

Look at
12522 V this is M6, set up a channel with this information, 22KHZ on or auto and LNB High band as 10.600. You should then be able to pan round to the west for 25 degrees and up by a few degrees to receive 5W channels.


Aug 1, 2003
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Seems that was the problem - switching the LNB over to 10.600 - something I'd never have known without forum such as this one !

Thanks everyone for your help