Problems trying to program FUN6 with APOLLO5



My Satellite Setup
Skystar2 (S), CinergyS2 (S2), Tevii S650 (S2), Aver VolarHX (T) DBox7020Si (S)
MRB CAM, CAS3, Dish:
60cm to 30W (TwinLNB),
45cm to 13E/19.2E,
100cm with rotor to full visible Clark's Belt (parks at 28.2E, 5E, 1W, 15W)
My Location
Montijo, Portugal
I'm trying to program a Funwafer6 card with a Apollo5 programmer and FunProm3RM (in WindowsXP).

I have no problems reading/writing the FLASH area but when the programmer starts to program the EEPROM (241024) it always says "page Verify error at 0x0".
If I read the contents of the EEPROM and rewrite it (with the read data) it seems to succeed but it doesn't help-me because that data isn't the one I wanted to write on it.

Anyone has some idea of the origin of the problem ?


Extra - Some tips for anyone trying to do similar things:
1 - The "Install NT port drivers" option of FunProm sometimes leaves the drivers in the mode "On Demand" and after reboot we need to go to the device manager, select to show the hidden devices and in the "non plug and play drivers" seek for "DriverLINX Port I/O Driver" and start it manually before using FunProm (change it to automatic start mode to avoid the trouble after reboot)
2 - Avoid long thin parallel port cables, that leads to a lot of errors while using the programmer (the best success I have with cables is with an DB25 Male - DB25 Female from my old HP3200C parallel port scanner)